Home Point Property Management, LLC

Professional Management Doesn't Cost, It Pays!

111 West Drinker Street, Dunmore, PA 18512  570.341.7045

(Located in the Century 21 Jack Ruddy Real Estate Office)

Purchasing Assistance
Credit, Income, Reference, Criminal and Eviction Screening
Full Accounting/Monthly Financial Statements
Maintenance Services
Collections and Evictions
Distressed Properties

Purchasing Assistance - Contact us before buying your investment property.  We can help you avoid some of those costly mistakes before you make your purchase.  Since our office is now located in the Century 21 - Jack Ruddy Real Estate office in Dunmore, we can make purchasing an investment or any property easy. 

Marketing - The industry has found that over 97% of placed tenants were secured through the Internet.  Upon receipt of a notice to vacate, we are proactive in our approach by posting ads with Craig's List, Zillow, Trulia and others.  Many of our tenants are referred to us by current and former residents.

Credit, Income, Reference and Criminal Screening - We require a credit application and order credit reports through Experian and TransUnion.  An applicant's income is verified through W-2 statements or other industry accepted documents.  Current and recent landlords are contacted for references.  Criminal background information is also requested from the Pennsylvania Department of Justice.

Full Accounting/Monthly Financial Statement - Our accounting system is highly automated yet still provides monthly paper statements and original invoices for utilities or maintenance.  Additionally, our system allows an owner access to their account with a personal passcode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Automatic deposit to a specific account can be made through our bank via ACH transfer.

Maintenance Services - All of our maintenance vendors are licensed and insured.  Our contractors are able to handle any maintenance issue that may arise, whether minor or major.  Home Point's sole business is property management, we do not have any ownership interest in ancillary businesses that provide service to our clients.  We believe this enables us to avoid any potential conflict of interest.  Home Point does not add a surcharge to maintenance invoices.

Collections and Evictions - In the unfortunate event a tenant violates any condition of the lease agreement that requires termination, our clients are notified immediately.  Depending on the situation, Home Point will advise the client of the remedies available under the Landlord  Tenant Law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Distressed Properties - Distressed properties are taken on a consulting fee basis.  Some examples of distressed properties are those with lengthy vacancies, poor property condition or condemnation.  Other issues could also include a tenants refusal to abide by the terms of the lease agreement, or extended periods of non payment of rent.